Jim Groom Visit – January 28th

We enjoyed a wild, far-ranging conversation with Jim Groom, co-founder of Reclaim Hosting and a co-creator of the DS106 Digital Storytelling course at University of Mary Washington. DS106 presented a set of pedagogical challenges first, and adopted and applied a set of web-based technologies to meet those challenges. From these experiences, the idea of a Domain of One’s Own emerged.

Jim joined us from Reclaim Arcade in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Jim, and the other Reclaim co-founder Tim Owens, seek to reimagine the uses (intended and otherwise) of 20th and 21st century technologies, folding them together and repurposing them. The refraction between analog and digital technologies often illuminates new ways of teaching and seeing. These and other experiments lead to serious and frivolous outcomes, and invite playfulness and earnest scholarship.

Please find a recording of Jim’s virtual visit here:

You can learn more about Reclaim Hosting from Jim’s long-running blog, Bava Tuesdays at https://bavatuesdays.com/a-long-short-history-of-reclaim-hosting/. You can see more of Reclaim Arcade, the 90s Living Room, and Reclaim Video, a for-real video rental store, on Jim’s Blog, as well.

Thanks for joining us, everyone. Please reach out to Tim Clarke with any questions or Berg Builds-related requests. Comments are open and moderated, below.

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