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It’s so great to see you here!

Over the next several weeks, Lora, Jordan, Lynn, and I (Tim) will be posting all sorts of things relating to Berg Builds, Domain of One’s Own initiatives at other schools, and things found across the web pertaining to open education, open pedagogy, and open educational resources (OER).

On either side of our four synchronous events, we will provide a little information about our speakers, and their work with Domains.

We will try not to overwhelm your inbox, so check this space often. We will try to post something every day.

Pedagogical Learning Community Participants

Please welcome your fellow DoOO PLC participants:

  • Ann Richards, GCE
  • David Tafler, Media and Communication
  • Dawn Lonsinger, English
  • Holly Cate, Theatre
  • Jim Bloom, Theatre
  • Karen Dearborn, Dance
  • Sharon Albert, Religion Studies
  • Lanethea Mathews-Schultz, Political Science
  • Leah Wilson, Neuroscience
  • Matthew Wilson, Art
  • Mike Stehlin, Business

Once we are all up and running on our Berg Builds domains, I’ll add the homepages for all those participating to a side panel of this site. We are sure to cover the topic of web syndication, and I’ll be sure to demonstrate at least a couple ways to aggregate for easy reading blog posts like this one and others from folks in our learning community.

Please know that while we in Digital Learning have prepared a lot of hopefully fun and informative material to accompany this learning experience, the directions we follow are determined by you all. If there are particular topics or areas of interest, please reach out to us or add them in the (moderated) comments section below.

I’ve recorded a short welcome video below. Over the next few weeks, blog posts here will incorporate audio content, video content, and a wide array of stuff amenable to presentation on the web. Having a Domain of One’s Own goes far beyond WordPress (though WordPress is pretty great)! Check back as time permits you, and we will try and cover as many domains-related things as we can in the time we have together.

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